My Goals

A little while ago, I posted about refocusing my 2010 goals because aspects of my life had changed and allowed for several goals to be completed well before I anticipated. As I complete one goal, I am already looking to complete the next or create a new one. I never want to be in a position where I am not pursuing one of my goals. this is a revised 2010 Goals List as of 3/29/2010 and I’ll update the page as I complete each one of my goals.

2010 Year Long Goals
1) Pay off four credit cards.
2) Accumulate $4000 in emergency fund.
3) Go camping twice and backpacking once.
4) Run three 5K charity races.
5) Learn French and Spanish.

March 2010
Plan camping trip #1
Run a 5K
Buy Rosetta Stone: French

April 2010
Go on camping trip #1
Ship boxes from Philadelphia to new place
Complete Rosetta Stone: French level 1 & 2

May 2010
Run a 5K
Plan camping trip #2
Complete Rosetta Stone: French level 3

June 2010
Pay off Chase Southwest Visa (credit card #3)
Go on camping trip #2
Complete Rosetta Stone: French level 4

July 2010
Run a 5K
Review financial status and goals
Take a cooking class
Complete Rosetta Stone: French level 5
Join a soccer league

August 2010
Plan backpacking trip
Buy Rosetta Stone: Spanish level 1-5
Take dance lessons

September 2010
Complete Rosetta Stone: Spanish level 1 & 2
Go on a weekend getaway
Run 5K

October 2010
Complete Rosetta Stone: Spanish level 3
Create Christmas gift list and set aside money
Go on backpacking trip

November 2010
Complete Rosetta Stone: Spanish level 4
Take Natalie out for 30th birthday
Run a 5K

December 2010
Complete Rosetta Stone: Spanish level 5
Pay off Bank of America Signature Visa (credit card #4)
Save $4000 in emergency fund
Review the year and create 2011 goals


  1. Update
    I sent money to my sister so she can send me my boxes from Philadelphia. I found out that I might have to move my belongings from Philadelphia to my new place sooner than I planned on because my parents want to sell their house. It will be a little difficult to save the $4000 because of this possible move but goals are meant to be targets. If you miss a target, adjust your aim.

  2. My sister sent the first shipment of boxes today and said they would get here next week. This weekend I should be well enough to spend a half hour each day on learning French.

  3. Hi Brian,
    your blog seems to be very interesting, and i’m going to bookmark. I’m wondering what is jour job, and how senior you are. Have you been working for 10 years? 7? 5?

    In Italy things are not going well in term of salaries. I’m a telco manager and I do not gain 100k$ :(.

    • Iwant,
      Thanks for the bookmark. I’ve been working for a little while but I am not senior in any regards. In my job, salaries are adjusted for costs of living so if you live where I do, you get paid more because its very expensive to live here. If I lived in the Midwest (center of US), I would make about half what I do now because its very cheap to live. I tried to read your blog, but unfortunately I can’t read Italian. Just remember, its not how much you make that makes you happy, its how happy you are with what you make.

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