Posted by: Brian | May 23, 2010

To have a life, or pay off debt?

I am going through a little dilemma at the moment. I currently put $1000 towards my debt each and every month, and that is on top of the minimum payments. Every month I figure out how I am going to pay down my debt and what I am going to cut back on to do it. I like the fact that I am paying down my debt rapidly but I don’t like the fact that I am missing out on my younger years in life. I barely go out because either my entertainment budget is used by the second weekend or my food budget is toast after the third Sunday (I grocery shop on Sundays). I want to travel and visit family back East but I also want to pay off my debt. I feel bad that I spend money when it could go to my debt, but then I feel I gave up so much just to pay off debt. It’s crazy how much debt controls your life.

So should I pare down my debt payments and enjoy life, or stick it out?


  1. keep putting money towards your debts. As long as you will be free of debts, you can dedicate a couple of bucks for your fun!. Last thing. In our tradition (italy) is very important to keep always in contact with parents, my suggestion is to put some money also to purse this target.


  2. hi…
    How are u doijng?

    Its a long time since i read your last post. Don’t tell me you gave up pleaseee…

    iwant a reader from italy. Milan.

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