Posted by: Brian | May 20, 2010

Gathering Strength

It has been a while since I posted last and that is mainly due to work taking a bunch of my time and the fact that nothing huge has occurred in the way of my personal finances. I am at the plateau point. A plateau point is a term from weight lifting. It is the point at which you keep lifting and you see no real gains. In the beginning of a weight lifting regimen, especially for beginners, you see huge results really quickly. This is mainly due to your body has to burn more calories and build more muscle mass to compensate for the change in lifestyle. But once the body has adjusted, the gains are not as easily noticed as before. Its like climbing up a cliff and you exert all this energy to get to the top but once there, there is no more to climb, like a plateau.

You can overcome your plateau point financially by gathering strength for the next phase through subtle changes. In the beginning of this year, I managed to pay off a butt load of debt and carve almost $1000 out of my budget for paying off debt every month. Now that I plateaued, and the only progress is the same $1000 every month, I need to build my strength. I do this by trying new routines in my spending, like adjusting my food budget to see if it’s a real struggle to live off of 10% less than before. If this small change didn’t do anything, I go back to the original amount and try something else. This really helps because I am finding out what works for me and discarding what doesn’t; building strength. I only do one method at a time so I will know if that method works. After a few months, I will have a list of “exercises” that I can add to my personal finance “workout” which causes my body, aka debt, to go through another drastic gain. (or is it a decrease?…whatever, you get the idea)

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