Posted by: Brian | May 2, 2010

April 2010 Review

I had a good month though not as good as March’s but still good none the less. I reduced my debt by a good bit and only have a little more to go on my next credit card. I am hopeful that by July 1st, I can pay off the Chase Visa credit card. Everything else is pretty much the same. I read The Other 8 Hours this month and the book was actually pretty useful. Look for a post later this week with a more in depth review. I did not get to my camping trip but I am okay with that because I have it planned out and now I just need to find a weekend to go. Here’s where I stand:

American Express                  $0
iTunes Visa                              $0
Chase Visa                               $3,000.43
Bank of America Visa           $7,782.00
Capital One Visa                   $10, 274.65
ACS Student Loan                   $11,121.36
Ford Motor Credit                   $30,089.58
Great Lakes Student Loan   $34,664.40
TOTAL                                    $96,932.42

This month my goal is to get back into shape by going to the gym at least twice a week and bringing my lunch to work 13 days out of the 20 working days. I look forward to working on several other long term goals, such as learning French and cataloging my library collections. I am tracking my spending this month by keeping every receipt I can and writing down all my purchases. I am not good at budgeting so I am keeping a running tally of my main spending categories: food, entertainment, and household.

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