Posted by: Brian | April 1, 2010

Refocus Your Goals

If you have taken a look around my blog, you will see a goals page. On this page I have my list of 2010 goals and crossed off the ones I already accomplished. I recently put this page up using goals that I created back in early January, and already I need to refocus my goals. I have already paid off two credit cards, thanks in part to a large tax refund, and some of the other goals are being completed sooner than I thought. So, over the next week I will redo my goals for 2010 and come up with a new list of items to strive for and accomplish.

Interestingly enough, this is not uncommon for many people who create goals.  Life brings about the unexpected and you have to adjust your goals accordingly. The key is to keep after your goals and don’t get bogged down by things you cannot control. J.D. Roth, author of the blog Get Rich Slowly,  recently wrote about this very thing in his new book Your Money: The Missing Manual. In his book he talks about how goals need to be defined and specific but also have to the ability to be adjustable. I like this approach because then every goal you make is obtainable and, more importantly, doable.

I try to make every goal connected to another goal, but still able to be accomplished independently of each other. I will refocus my goal of “Pay off two credit cards” to “Pay off four credit cards”. This might be a stretch but I am going to give it my best, but it ties into another goal I will be adding, “Live on one paycheck per month.” I get paid about $5000 per month and if I can live on $2500 each month, I will accomplish my goal of paying off four credit cards. By tying the two together, I am more likely to complete each goal because I don’t want to fail at one goal, let alone two.

How do you create your goals?

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