Posted by: Brian | March 29, 2010

Time Saver: Using a Feed Reader

I have been reading many blogs on personal finance, cooking, sailing and any other topic that interests me. The problem is that there are so many articles that I can’t keep up with all of the different blogs. I would spend almost two hours finding all the latest posts on each blog and then realizing that only about a third of them were relevant. Then I discovered Google Reader which allows me to feed all my blogs into one nice spot. This feed reader will give me a quick glance at the blog without diving into the full site. I can read about 20 blogs over breakfast and pick out the articles I want to save for later or further review. The nice thing is that if I want to post a comment or maybe submit the post to Digg, I can click on the title of the post and the blog page pops up in a new window. This not only saves me a bunch of time during the morning but it also gives me a lot of information by respectable people. You can use almost any feed reader you want as there are tons out there. I like Google Reader because it allows me to see how many posts I get everyday and how many I actually read. Also, Google Reader makes recommendations for other blogs I might like, which has brought me to sites like Cooking with Amy after I selected’s free blog. A feed reader might not save you money but it will save you time, and saved time can be used to save you money.

What feed readers do you use? Pros and Cons?

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