Posted by: Brian | March 4, 2010

Why Nalgene is Your Friend

I used to go backpacking all the time when I lived in Pennsylvania and I would carry my water in a Nalgene bottle. These bottles were indestructible & held 32 oz. of water. I moved out to California a few years back and my Nalgene got put away into a box. When I moved into my new place last month, I came across my Nalgene bottle. Since I am trying to save money anyway I can, my Nalgene gave me a great idea. 
I drink a lot of water every day (you should too for a healthier body) and I was spending at least $2/day on bottled water and other drinks. I realized that I could save almost $10/ week just by filling my Nalgene up at the water fountain in my office. My Nalgene became my new way to save money and my new best friend. Not only does this friend save me money every week but promotes a healthy lifestyle by drinking more water and less (insert high sugary drink of your choosing). Also, I stopped buying bottled water which was creating more trash and consuming natural resources & energy.
The funny thing is that I by renewing my friendship with my Nalgene, I discovered another friend, Travel Mug. I don’t drink coffee but I do drink tea and a lot of it. I would drink almost two cups a day of tea (had to switch to herbal tea because of caffeine headaches) which was about $3/day at the local coffee shop. Because I drank so much tea, my aunt gave me a hot water heater for my new apartment. I found a Travel Mug and bought some herbal teas. The hot water heater is a small kettle pot that sits on my counter and keeps water always hot enough to make tea. Not only was Travel Mug saving me $15/week but was putting antioxidants into my body from the herbal teas. It is a known fact that herbal teas, especially green teas, have a large amount of antioxidants which helps promote a healthy body and heart.
Now I have two friends I take with me every day, Nalgene and Travel Mug. They are great because they save me $25/week and promote a healthy body. I feel good at the end of the week knowing that I did something to live a healthier life, reduce my debt, and help the environment.

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