Posted by: Brian | February 22, 2010

Always Ask for a Discount

Asking for a Discount
This past weekend I took my girlfriend out bowling. (A side note, bowling is a fun time for everyone even if you suck at like I do) It was a local bowling place and was pretty full with families and high schoolers when we got there.  The total cost was $30.00,  which was split amongst $5 for shoe rental and $5 a game per person. As I was paying, I joking asked the counter lady, “So I get my 10% discount for being awesome, right?” The counter lady smiled and said “Since you were nice and agreed to play next to those teenagers, I’ll give you a free shoe rental. How’s that?” I was like woohoo because asking for a discount actually worked! Most people I encounter that I ask for a discount from just give me a half-hearted smile. 
The great thing is that I got more than a 10% discount! If she had gone with a simple 10% off, I would have paid $27. But since she threw in a $5 shoe rental I only paid $25 which means I got a 16% discount! Here’s another example of someone asking for a discount and getting more than they hoped. (Click here for article)
The point is to always ask for a discount, even if it’s a light hearted manner and you know you aren’t going to get one. Every chance I can I ask for a discount, and sometimes I know full well that they aren’t going to give me one. I like forcing people to say “No” because by doing that they are out of their passive-aggressive comfort zone, and the situation favors me now. I digress from the topic, back to getting a discount…
Where I live 10% off is like getting something for tax free (stupid California sales tax of 9.75%!) and is definitely worth asking for. Also, a lot of employees do have the power to add on a 10% off coupon that might be at the register or toss in some item for free, such as shoe rentals. The important thing to remember when asking for a discount is to always be nice and friendly when asking, especially to retail employees as they get towards the end of the day. From my experience working in retail, I was more likely to give discounts near the end of the day or my shift. If the store is super crowded, like at holiday times, a good way to ask for the discount is this:
“Since I had to wait for 20 minutes to get help, do I get a 10% discount for being a customer thats still     happy about shopping here?” or “You have the power to give a 10% discount for being a repeat customer, right?” 
An employee would have to be seriously cold hearted not to do something because not only have you pointed out that the store is lacking in customer service but also that you didn’t complain about it. On the second approach, you question their ability but also give them a solution to prove to you that they are all-powerful and can prove it. 
 If you don’t get a discount don’t complain about it. Always say thank you and go about your business. It’s a numbers game, meaning the more times you ask the more chances you have to get a discount. But if you don’t ask, you definitely won’t get the discount. 

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